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8/1/09 08:26 pm - Musings

How can one tell if one has been barking up the wrong tree? Is it something of which you can be self aware, or is it only observable by a third party? hmmm...

6/29/09 10:15 pm - Archaeology.. But even better...

IN SPACE!!!!!!!!!


5/12/09 08:57 pm - They have me surrounded!

The weirdos are closing in, this is me this afternoon...  Conversation 1: " Someone at this number called me?...No maam I am not an escort... Oh I see that your hubby has been calling escort services.... Indeed my number was on his phone....Who is your hubby... No honestly, we just needed to follow someone to the after party.... What do I think you should do?.... Didn't you think I was an escort?....Yes by all means get tested.... Should you be taking advice from people you just thought were escorts?....Well, they would know more about being tested....."
Conversation 2 ..."Hello?..... really you called again....Maam I don't know anything about illicit drug use.... So the other girls you called were yelling at you.... Hmmmm.... I really don't know what to tell you....Nothing Nothing I know nothing.....  You smelled what on what?...Good bye"

5/11/09 06:17 pm - A special place in hell, yes, a special place

Be this a warning to the dirty fiends who dare desecrate my dingy the fair Neon Horizon! Not only shall you incur the wrath of the Captain with the luxury of a painful death which will happen one of the two following ways, the first option being wrenched limb from limb the ribcage cracked and the still beating heart being urinally defiled or the second option being the dreaded Viking Blood Eagle Death!! It merely depends on my whim. Then you shall be sent to the darkest pits of hell that even Dante was flush to describe!

5/9/09 09:04 pm - EGADS

Yours truly has officially lost it!!!! My mind has left me a broken mummbling mess... I'm not sure what has bewitched the adored Captain but surely it is an evil enchantment making me act and say terrible things that aren't me!! Oh woe! This is the first bout of sanity I have had all day and I'm nervous to lose it... Perhaps it was that shifty wizardly looking steampunk from clockwork on the fornight. sheesh

3/21/09 11:40 am - beware of bitch

The last week the captain has had a serious case of the cranks despite the best efforts of her intrepid crew to defunk her outlook. On the whole though there was much steamy goings on. A week prior we graced clockwork and enjoyed the company of  some bay punkers and scared some goth and artsy kids.  Then on Wednesday the LaMaupin descended apon Slims to enjoy the musical stylings of Abney Park and a fair opening band called Human1,  I think that was their name at least. It was at this show that we converted a lass to join the bubbly ranks, which means I need to get back to modding! Glee... wait not glee that simply doesn't match my mood. Bah grump.

2/17/09 08:31 pm - Weekend excursion to MOMA

Finally made it to my form of  sanctuary, museums. I almost forgot how much I love them. I saw my first real Matisse which was delightful as well as Ansel Adams, Frieda, and her hubby, the crew was all there including Rothko which while I like the colors I will NEVER understand. There was also some amazing photographs of people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that were especially moving... makes me realize how easy I have it. Anyways it was a  lovely way to spend rainy day. 

1/19/09 09:51 pm - Sweet Success

I FINALLY finished my skirt, just in time for the Edwardian. It is delightfully hideous!!!

1/17/09 12:01 pm - More very important political stuff

There has been a lot going on in the past hour, mostly I finally checked emails. But as many of you have known there was legislation passed that says that medical officials now may no longer tell you all of your medical options if they think it is morally corrupt. There were petitions signed but to no avail. Now Planned Parenthood is pursuing a lawsuit but they need money. If you will be willing to give, in order to help restore freedom to personal medical information, let me know and I'll send you a link to a place to donate.

On another note, I'm super excited for Obama's inauguration! Plus have you guys heard about the train he is taking to the event in honor of Lincoln's trip in 1861?! Could it be that he is a closet steampunk?! jk but wouldn't that be wonderful! Very exciting times!!!! =)

1/17/09 10:49 am - laziness is the bain of my existence

So, as you have noticed my lazy attempt to cut and copy the link from another rant I wrote failed horribly. Therefore I changed the link to sign the petition in the entry, but here it is again.


I'm not so good at the whole computer thing yet...
Also, I just read all of the nice things people said about Nav Sid's collar and my hair... 
Thanks Everyone, that is too sweet!

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